LEAD Connecticut Coaching Guidebook

Welcome to the online LEAD Connecticut Coaching Guidebook.  The purpose of this guidebook is to support the implementation of the LEAD Connecticut Coaching Model.  LEAD Connecticut coaches provide coaching support for educational leaders in schools most in need of improvement.  The LEAD CT Coaching Model was designed to bring together best practices in coaching with an inquiry model (known as continuous school improvement or the Cycle of Inquiry) in order to support turnaround school leaders in developing the LEAD CT Turnaround Principal Competency Framework.

This online guidebook is designed to work in concert with other LEAD Connecticut publications, specifically:

  • The LEAD Connecticut Coaching Model, which is a full description of our coaching approach
  • LEAD Connecticut Turnaround School Leader Competency Framework, a research-based. Connecticut-specific compendium of the key capacities and skills possessed by successful turnaround school leaders
  • Make the Most out of Coaching, a version of our coaching model written with the leader being coached as the intended audience

Table of Contents (in process of uploading)

Background and Theory of Coaching

Cycle of Inquiry

Failure and Learning from Failure



Ladder of Inference


Perceived Self-Efficacy