A Human Capital Framework for District Improvement

istock_000009625838mediumLEAD Connecticut’s Human Capital Toolkit is a compilation of assessment tools, thought leadership, best practices, and resources that enable district leaders to maximize the value of the district’s human capital and improve performance. The toolkit provides district leadership with key introductory resources they need to understand and put into practice critical human capital strategies and practices that drive overall district effectiveness. The toolkit has been organized around the human capital framework of our LEAD CT partner, the District Management Council (DMC).

What is the difference between a Human Resources department, Human Capital, and a Talent Management Strategy?

Human Resources is a central office function executing the important processes to ensure that staff are able to legally and operationally work within the district. Human Capital, however, refers to the quality and potential of the staff you have – and the Talent Management Strategy is what needs to be done to maintain a level of excellence in all staff for both the purposes of the individual, the students and the district as a whole.

Human Capital Framework

Watch a Narrated Human Capital Overview Presentation

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Content courtesy of the District Management Council.