Executive Coaching for Superintendents

Just as principals play a crucial role in the improvement of low-achieving schools, we have increasing evidence that superintendents also have a fundamental role to play.  The support of the central office, and the functionality of the central office, are the purview of the superintendent, and in order to maximize the effectiveness of the superintendent in providing sustenance to Turnaround Principals, LEAD Connecticut provides executive coaches for superintendents.  The LEAD Connecticut Executive Coaches are former superintendents who have been trained in the LEAD Connecticut Coaching Model, and who want to use their experience as superintendents in tandem with their coaching skills to help superintendents in challenging districts to set goals, strategize implementation, prioritize initiatives, and develop the leaders they need to improve student achievement at the school level.  LEAD Connecticut Executive Coaching is aligned with the Connecticut Superintendent Leadership Framework and is also aligned with adult learning theory and best practices in coaching and communication.

Working with an executive coach gives me the time and space to think and reflect on my practice–time that I normally cannot find during my extremely busy schedule as a superintendent. Coaching also helps to build my capacity as a leader by helping me recognize, strengthen and use the inner resources I have to solve my problems of practice. My coach’s questions help me bridge the “knowing-doing” gap.

Connecticut Superintendent

I’ve coached a number of superintendents over the years and I can say unequivocally that the LEAD CT coaching model is the best one I have encountered.  It has provided me with not only a conceptual understanding of what good coaching is, but also the skills and knowledge to improve my effectiveness. Having a group of colleagues to learn from is just an added bonus to what is already a terrific program.

LEAD Connecticut Coach

For further information, please contact Richard Kisiel, rkisiel@capss.org