Turnaround Principal Coaching

Leading turnaround schools is a challenging job.  Despite best intentions and hard efforts, many leaders do not achieve the results they seek.  In addition, being the principal of a turnaround school is often a lonely job, with little distributed leadership capacity in place to support the work of the principal.  As part of its program for supporting Turnaround Principals, LEAD Connecticut provides highly-trained coaches to principals in the program.  LEAD Connecticut’s coaching model is designed in alignment with the Turnaround School Leader Competency Framework, our theory of adult learning, and best practices in coaching and communication.  The coaches are retired principals with a strong commitment to supporting the school leaders in the Turnaround Principal Program.  They work in concert with other aspects of the program, and are therefore familiar with the plans that the principals have created.  Coach and principal work in partnership to implement the plans, with the coach helping the principal to remain focused, to think through implementation strategies, and to problem solve ongoing challenges.

LEAD CT – Turnaround Principal Competencies – 6 12 13

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LEAD Connecticut is a transformative experience, and the results are inspirational. I am certain that the combination of on-site work with a leadership coach, collaborative networking, and implementation of proven practices – all directed at key leadership targets – is a formula for success.

LEAD Connecticut Coach

Principals today, need to be academic leaders and have the capacity to create a school culture and classroom environment in which all students can learn.  To be effective leaders, school administrators must be able to reflect on their decision making and self-monitor their progress.  As a LEAD Connecticut coach, I assist principals in developing those reflective skills and provide guidance to ensure their professional growth.

LEAD Connecticut Coach