Turnaround Principal Program

Principals accepted into the Turnaround Principals Program go through an intensive two-week summer institute focused on core turnaround leadership competencies:  Improving the academic program, fostering a positive academic culture, managing human capital, and driving a strategic improvement process.  Participants complete the summer institute with a highly-focused entry plan for the first 30, 60, and 90 days of the school year.  During the school year, principals participate in a monthly turnaround principal community of practice and receive high-quality executive coaching.

Principals have a constellation of ‘to do’s’ in an effort to improve their school, which to say the least is daunting and overwhelming.  LEAD CT provided a way to chunk, compartmentalize and strategically attack every single item on the ‘to do’ list to move your school forward. LEAD CT understands every aspect of the role of an effective school leader. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work and learn with LEAD.   

Participant, 2014-2015


For further information, contact Evette Avila at eavila@ctschoolchange.org or at 860-586-2340, ext.1077.